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Friday Report: Typical Mid-Season Practice

So what kind of interesting things can we write about after the first day of practice for this weekend's Global Barter 250?

Well, nothing.

That's right, welcome to the mid-season, when no one shows what they 'got. Concentrating on long fuel runs, tire wear, and of course keeping our cards close to our chest, the no. 44 Magnus Racing Porsche ran flawlessly today, finishing the day in the top-10 (which is PR-speak for 10th).

"We have a few things to work on for qualifying, but we're getting there," stated Andy Lally, who set the team's fastest time of the day at a 1:23.792. "We weren't really focusing on setting lap-times, but really thinking about our race setup and what we think the car is going to do over a long run."

With one more practice session before tomorrow's qualifying, all eyes are focused on small tweaks in the effort to get as far up the grid as possible for the race.

"There's not too many places to pass here, so qualifying will definitely be important," stated John Potter, who will most likely qualify the car tomorrow as well as start Sunday's race. "It's really hard to gauge just where our car is against everyone, but the car has been reliable, and nothing's blown up!"

After two engine failures during practice in successive race weekends, Magnus Racing has at least gotten away cleanly from the first few runs.

Running the special pink no.44 in honor of Susasn G. Komen for the Cure- South and Central Jersey, the team has extra motivation to perform well.

Based on today's run, we can at least say... so far so good. That's all we got.


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