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 John Bedell. Crew Chief, Car No. 44. Based in Long Island, John Bedell is one of the most colorful and respected members in the paddock. Having worked with top Porsche teams for over a decade, John is key in the success of Magnus Racing. Sorry ladies, John is married to the team's Mother Hen, Lorie.

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Thad Aagard. Data and Technology, Car No. 44. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Thad is the team's computer dynamo. The truth is, we don't know what he does. It's not that he doesn't do anything, it's just that we're not smart enough to keep up.







 Steve Taft. Data Acquisition, Car No. 44. Sorry folks, that's not Jack Nicholson, just a suitable replacement... Magnus style. Steve Taft is another one of those L.A. a-holes, but somehow we all like him. It's probably because he does a great job as our data specialist.



Bob "Two R" Carroll, Car No. 44: Bob Carroll is a man who lives in the shadows. Every photo is backlit. He's a rebel, and outlaw, a man who chooses his own course. He also has a bitchin' beard. Bob is also internationally recognized for holding the global standard of Hot Wing measurement, known as the "Bob Scale."


Kyle Kavanaugh, Mechanic, Car No. 44. Kyle is one of the most experienced mechanics in the whole IMSA paddock, but don't take our word for it, he'll gladly tell you. By far the most talkative on the team, "chatterbox" as he's known, is a talented mechanic who simply won't EVER stop talking, which makes sense given his love of drama and gossip.


Abel Jimenez, Mechanic, Car No. 44. Abel can turn wrenches like a mofo. He also is a storehouse of knowledge. Did you know that avocado is considered the butter of the jungle? Abel does. For that, and many other factoids in life, we suggest getting him very, very drunk to learn a lot of valuable things in life.


Tucker Merten, Mechanic, Car No. 44. Tucker is a businessman, a nobel laureate, a philosopher, and team's interior mechanic. Tucker is a man with knowledge on a whole number of topics you didn't ask about, including fans walking by who certainly didn't ask. He also has an avid interest in soccer, and photos of his dog playing with toys.


Tim Whitteridge, Engineering, Car No. 44. Tim is a man of the world, who at a young age has engineered in IMSA, WEC, and been to some of the coolest events in the world. Elevated to race engineer this year, he's learning about taking the blame when things go bad, and getting no credit when it's good.


Greg Fordahl, Engineering, Car No. 44. Taking a supervisory role in the team's engineering, Greg has been part of the professional sportscar scene for decades. The dude knows his stuff, except for perhaps lacking the intelligence to have stayed in racing that long.


Jason Davidson, Tire Specialist, Car No. 44. Don't let the hat fool you. Jason is American. He wishes he was Australian, we all know this, but he is in fact, American. If he was Australian, it would make sense... as you know Australia is a former penal colony, and Jason is a straight up gangsta.


Jose Perez, Truck Driver, Car No. 44. A native of Venezuela, Jose lives a double-life. He's the team's truck driver and pit setup specialist by day, but night he's an undeniable pimp. Not a day goes by there aren't at least six different women checking in looking for Jose, and good luck seeing if he remembers any of their names.


Jeanine Curtis, Team Administrator. Jeanine somehow hasn't quit racing yet. Like many, she probably asks herself the same thing. Regardless, she corrals the team and keeps everyone in line... someone has to. We'd say it's a tough job, but not really, it's impossible.


Brittney Hill, Team Hospitality. Brittney is like a stealth bomber. Silent, but effective as heck. She holds the rare distinction of being a female that gets along with other females, all the while doing a great job of keeping the team's endless needs for hospality and catering handled.