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Lars Giersing. Engineer, Car No. 44. Hailing from Denmark, Lars Giersing is widely seen as one of the best Porsche engineers in the world. With multiple championships in the former GRAND-AM GT category, Lars is a real asset to Magnus Racing. When not at the track, he lives a tough life in the Virgin Islands... poor guy.

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 John Bedell. Crew Chief, Car No. 44. Based in Long Island, John Bedell is one of the most colorful and respected members in the paddock. Having worked with top Porsche teams for over a decade, John is key in the success of Magnus Racing. Sorry ladies, John is married to the team's Mother Hen, Lorie.

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Thad Aagard. Data and Technology, Car No. 44. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Thad is the team's computer dynamo. The truth is, we don't know what he does. It's not that he doesn't do anything, it's just that we're not smart enough to keep up.







 Steve Taft. Data Acquisition, Car No. 44. Sorry folks, that's not Jack Nicholson, just a suitable replacement... Magnus style. Steve Taft is another one of those L.A. a-holes, but somehow we all like him. It's probably because he does a great job as our data specialist.

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Wayne Lollis, Tire Specialist, Car No. 44. As a retired tire engineer, Wayne understands what it takes to get the most out of the tires on the Magnus Racing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. He is also fluent in Southern, making him a real asset to the team at several races on the TUDOR calendar.

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Lorie Bedell, Hospitality, Magnus Racing. The team’s dedicated mother hen, Lorie Bedell. Tasked with feeding the team, Lorie’s hospitality setup has set the standard in the TUDOR paddock. It is so good, in fact, she usually has to prepare extra food for all of the drivers and crew from other teams. She always has a smile, but she’s from Long Island, so you probably don’t want to be on her bad side.